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January 10, 2010

Latest shot in hummus war: Israel doubles record

hummus-israelJERUSALEMIsrael has taken the upper hand in a new kind of Mideast conflict, one in which bullets are replaced by chickpeas.

Using a satellite dish on loan from a nearby broadcast station, cooks in an Arab town near Jerusalem whipped up more than four metric tons of hummus, the chickpea paste that is a staple — and a near-religious obsession — for many in the Middle East.

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Passion 2010 Brings in Over $1M

After four days of intense worship and compassionate giving, students at Passion 2010 ended up over-funding 12 global causes.

More than $668,000 was collected during the Jan. 2-5 conference in Atlanta, Ga., exceeding Passion's initial goal of $500,000. A couple attending matched the gathered amount, bringing the total to more than $1.3 million..

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